Keeping Up with Your Pull Up Routine While Traveling

What's up, gang? Lately, I’ve been using the Duonamic Eleviia doorway pull up handles in many of my pull up videos. I’ve been using them for about a month and a half to two months.


After each video, I've noticed many questions about the pull up handles in the comments section since I started using them. I came across a comment on one of my latest YouTube videos, and I decided to answer it here in this post. The commenter asked, “What are your thoughts on the Eleviia? I have very slim walls so they’re pretty weak. Do you think these will hold well?”


So, I decided to do a review about the Duonamic Eleviia doorway pull up handles. Now, before I get into this review, I have an exclusive offer for you. If you enjoy the review and are interested in the Eleviia, you can head over to Duonamic with this link: You can check them out and use my discount code MINUS10 to get 10% off your purchase!


Now, let’s get into this review. So, to start things off, I’ll answer the question by saying “Yes.” They will probably hold well onto your door frames. Honestly, I’ve retired my door pull-up bar. I don’t need it anymore since I’ve started using the Eleviia system.


So, here are some things I like about using the Eleviias:

Ease of Mounting

They’re easy to mount onto any door frame. The system is like regular grips except they’re spring-loaded so they want to close. You just pull them apart and put them on a door frame. Just let go and they hold onto any door frame really well.

Exercising on the Go

I get asked a couple of questions quite a bit about pull-ups and door frame pull-up bars. Some ask, “How can I do pull-ups when I’m traveling?” Or even better, “what’s my best recommendation for doing pull-ups if you got to fly somewhere on an airplane?”


To answer those questions, the Eleviias are definitely where it’s at. They pack easily into a suitcase judging by the size of them. The pair comes in at 25cmX23cmX11cm (9.9 in x 9.05 in x 4.3 in) with a weight of 1.6 kg (3.5 lbs.). Now, to be clear, I haven’t had a chance to test this since I haven’t been traveling much. You can pack them with the clothes, and you won’t even know they’re in there until you reach your destination. You can keep up your exercise routine while traveling anywhere at any time.

Works on Any Door?

I didn’t forget another part of the question – “Will they hold on to your door frame?” For that answer, you can go to Duonamic (the makers of the Eleviia). On their website, there’s an FAQ section where they actually show a diagram of what a door frame (of course, built up to code) would look like.


They have all the measurements needed for a door frame. All you have to do is just take a look at the diagram and measure the door frames throughout your house to see if they’re up to code.


With that said, I’ve used them on many different door frames in my house. To be honest, I haven’t had any issues. They grip just fine on any frame. They feel nice and safe whenever I use them.


Just remember if you liked this review, you could use my code MINUS10 on Duonamic to purchase yourself a pair of the Eleviias.

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