The BEST Fitness Goal For Beginners in 2021

What’s up, gang? I hope you had a wonderful holiday season, and you feel nice, rested and recharged; ready to attack 2021 with a really big fitness goal. The fitness goal I’m recommending to all the beginners who follow me is to get the handstand in 2021.


If the handstand feels like it would be impossible for you, then, you’re not alone as I felt the exact same way. So, I’m going to tell you my story of how I overcame the challenge. But I will also share three reasons why the handstand is in my opinion the best 2021 fitness goal you could have.

Reason One: Can’t Rely on Traditional Fitness Outlets

We shouldn’t rely too much on facilities like gyms and fancy equipment for our fitness. With gyms being closed most of 2020 and rumors of the COVID vaccine not being widely available until mid-summer or early fall, you can’t count on them opening any time soon. As the pandemic drags, further along, it emphasizes the importance of being Minus the Gym. A handstand is the pinnacle of that mindset. All you need is your body, gravity and the ground. I mean as long as you have a home, and you have walls in your home. Then, you can learn the handstand.

Reason Two: Your Resources Are Right in Front of You

You have the resources you need right now available to you. You can follow a single playlist, which is on my channel. It’s a series of five videos that share all the steps I used to learn the handstand. So, if you want 2021 to be a big year for you, use my “Learn the Handstand” playlist to get started. And remember: a little practice each day goes a long way: With that said, you have plenty of resources. So, it wouldn’t be a lack of knowledge, but a lack of effort that would prevent you from learning handstands.

Now, For Some Exciting News!

While I’m talking about resources, here’s a shameless plug. At this moment, I’ve launched the MinusTheGym phone app. The exercise app provides follow-along workouts – set by set, rep by rep. This way you can follow along with me. Right now, it just has two beginner programs – one with equipment and one without equipment. But shortly, I will be adding mobility and handstand training so you can learn handstands with my fitness app. So, stay tuned by the end of February as that will be available on the app. Now, let’s get into reason number three for why

Reason Three: Handstands Tap Into Many Facets of Fitness

There are many facets of fitness handstands that can improve. A lot of people think holding a handstand requires a lot of shoulder strength. And while muscular strength is an aspect, it’s not as much of a part as you think. Once you get to the point in phase four where you’re kicking up and landing, you will notice your lower back will arch and your legs will lean over. But as you work on it, you will gradually start to straighten out your handstand. That’s when you learn the secret to a handstand. Once you can stack your joints vertically – meaning your wrists, elbows, shoulders and hips all from one straight vertical line. As I said before, holding a handstand doesn’t require as much strength as you think. It’s you who are stabilizing your joints rather than relying on muscular strength. It’s the same as standing on your feet where you rely on the center of gravity being perfectly over your base of support. It becomes more effortless than you’d expect.

More Reasons Why Handstands Should Be Your 2021 Fitness Goal

By doing handstands, you must work on your flexibility and mobility, and then your balance. At first, you might want to lean out if you have too much extra weight as it could work against you. By developing your neuromuscular condition, you’re quickly firing off these muscles to correct your balance.


Another plus of doing handstands is that they look impressive. It’s fun to show off with them especially around others.


It’s also a gateway skill meaning it opens doors to all sorts of other things. From developing your handstand, you can work on the straddle, bent and straight arm presses to handstand, handstand push-ups, hollow back and one arm handstands. And the list goes on and on.


By developing and mastering your handstands, you can take your calisthenics to a whole new level. I see handstands as the bridge between beginner and intermediate level.

My Handstand Journey

Before you go, I have my handstand journey to share with you. When I started training handstands four years ago, it felt impossible like I would never be able to do a handstand. I didn’t know if it was in the cards for me either due to genetics or lack of gymnastics. I remember telling my wife “I’m gonna work at this every day, seven days a week for a year.” If I could get a handstand, then, that’s going to prove to me that I can accomplish anything. By six months, I was holding these really bad arched handstands for about five to 10 seconds. When I was eight months in, I was straightening out and getting longer holds. By the end of the year, I was holding straight handstands for upwards of 20 to 30 seconds. Again, it took me a whole year to perfect my handstand after I literally thought it would be impossible.


At the end of the day, it’s a big win. It shows if you focus and put in a lot of hard work; you will get it. A handstand motivates you to keep taking your fitness further and further.


So, let’s make handstands a fitness goal in 2021 so you can have a GREAT one!

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